Welcome Auxiliary Brothers and Sisters.

This website was designed with each of you in mind.  We welcome you and encourage you to take advantage of the information included.

Refer to the calendar on this website often as it will assist in keeping you up to date on all events and activities.   General Orders will be posted prior to the beginning of each month.   We encourage you to print them off and share on every level. 

We will continue to build on the foundation already in place and work hard to keep a strong base of knowledge and inspiration for the future. 

The main purpose of the VFW Auxiliary is to care for our veterans and their families.  We must continue to support our veterans past, present and future.  “Getting Justice for Our Veterans” as we continue to reach out and pull in those who are eligible will assure continued growth and strength for this great organization. 

Welcome to each of you as we continue to strive each day to make life just a little better for each of our veterans. 

It will be an honor and a pleasure to meet you as we travel across our beautiful state.

Believe...We can do it.



  Charlotte Swogger Lopes

Charlotte Swogger Lopes
Department of PA President